Dylan & Heidi | Engaged

When we schedule a session with a couple, we obviously have no idea what the weather is going to be like, and sometimes, no idea what the couple is going to be like. Well, let’s just say we hit the jackpot on both accounts this night back in September. It was a freakishly nice day, and one of the last actually warm ones we had this fall, so we really lucked out. (The next day was a cold downpour!) Dylan’s family has a lake house, so it was a natural choice for the location, and we even got to take the boat out, and get off on a tiny island in the middle of the lake! So, so cool. These two were a blast to hang out with, and we drove away feeling more like we just had a good hangout sesh with some good friends than anything. So excited for their wedding next year, it’s for sure going to be a beautiful one!

2017-12-14_0082 2017-12-14_0073 2017-12-14_0072 2017-12-14_0069 2017-12-14_0089 2017-12-14_0064 2017-12-14_0070 2017-12-14_0065 2017-12-14_0086 2017-12-14_0059 2017-12-14_0077 2017-12-14_0075 2017-12-14_0062 2017-12-14_0074 2017-12-14_0058 2017-12-14_0076 2017-12-14_0060 2017-12-14_0071 2017-12-14_0083 2017-12-14_0088 2017-12-14_0079 2017-12-14_0066 2017-12-14_0084 2017-12-14_0068 2017-12-14_0057 2017-12-14_0081 2017-12-14_0087 2017-12-14_0063 2017-12-14_0090 2017-12-14_0061 2017-12-14_0078⬆️ This shot was totally accidental, but it turned out kinda artsy and cool :) ⬆️2017-12-14_0085 2017-12-14_0080 2017-12-14_0067


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