MAUI 2017

It’s been a wet, long, cold, wet winter. Here in Washington state we set records for rain, snow, and temperatures on multiple fronts, and mentally, even for us PNW natives, it’s been kind of rough. I think we all hit a breaking point of some sort in the last few months, and ours looked a lot like buying tickets to Maui. Fortunately, we actually had a lot of air miles saved up, so buying was actually more like redeeming, and “redeeming” is the only word for the moment the warm Hawaiian sun hit our faces when we stepped off the plane in Kahului. The warm, sweet, thick air filled our lungs and we both couldn’t stop smiling. Maui is our first love, it was our first real trip together as a married couple, it’s where we fell in love with Hawaii, and we’re still far from discovering all it’s hidden gems. MAUI brilliantly captured in photos

This trip wasn’t typical for us, as we didn’t have a wedding to shoot, but we did squeeze in a family session! So in that respect, the relaxation factor got turned up a notch (or turned down a notch? :) ), and we were able to really unwind. We had the goal to find a few “new” places to explore, as well as soak up as much of that warm sun we haven’t seen in months, and mission: accomplished. Here’s some photos of the trip, as well as a video at the end that we think you will all enjoy! Aloha!

Hit play for some tropical vibes. 🌴☀️ (Music: “Too Late” by Savior Adore)


2017-04-24_0054 2017-04-24_0024 2017-04-24_0015 mauihonolua bay 2017-04-24_0046 2017-04-24_0060 2017-04-24_0049 MAUI brilliantly captured in photos 2017-04-24_0005 2017-04-24_0011 2017-04-24_0020 2017-04-24_0036 2017-04-24_0056 2017-04-24_0065 2017-04-24_0062 2017-04-24_00572017-04-24_0071 2017-04-24_0052 2017-04-24_00592017-04-24_0077 2017-04-24_0042 2017-04-24_0047 2017-04-24_00332017-04-24_0079 2017-04-24_0022 2017-04-24_0018 2017-04-24_0027 2017-04-24_0016 2017-04-24_0010 2017-04-24_0007 2017-04-24_0001 2017-04-24_00512017-04-24_0082 2017-04-24_0063 2017-04-24_0058 2017-04-24_0044 2017-04-24_00372017-04-24_0080 2017-04-24_0040 2017-04-24_0035 2017-04-24_0029 2017-04-24_0023 2017-04-24_0025 2017-04-24_0019 2017-04-24_00382017-04-24_0017 2017-04-24_0006 2017-04-24_0003 2017-04-24_0041 2017-04-24_0050 2017-04-24_00282017-04-24_0073 2017-04-24_0030 2017-04-24_0012 2017-04-24_0021 2017-04-24_00082017-04-24_0070 2017-04-24_0004 2017-04-24_00612017-04-24_0069 2017-04-24_00532017-04-24_0074 2017-04-24_0055 2017-04-24_0064 2017-04-24_0048 2017-04-24_00452017-04-24_0083 2017-04-24_00392017-04-24_0067 2017-04-24_0034 2017-04-24_00322017-04-24_0075 2017-04-24_0026 2017-04-24_0014 2017-04-24_0031MAUI brilliantly captured in photos 2017-04-24_0009 2017-04-24_0043 2017-04-24_00132017-04-24_0081 2017-04-24_0066Guy Fieri sighting at dinner one night! Somehow this photo of Audrey turned out blurry…


Enjoy this video! We had a blast making it!


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