OAHU – JUNE 2017

After falling in love with Maui and Kauai, we thought we’d never say this…but Oahu is pretty freakin’ sweet. From pristine beaches, to mountains shooting up right out of the ocean, to amazing acai bowls & shave ice trucks. We do stay away from the Honolulu area at all costs, though. Traffic and mass crowds do not equal a relaxing time for us. But the entire eastern and northern shores are such a beautiful and incredible playground, we can’t get enough! Oahu Travel Photography

Back in June, we were fortunate enough to land a wedding on the north shore literally a week before the wedding happened. We, miraculously, still had the entire week and weekend available, so we packed our bags, and hopped on a plane a few days later. (The wedding is HERE if you’d like to check it out!) And sometimes those whirlwind, last minute trips are the best. No time to plan, stress, overthink things…just pack a bag and get on the plane. We also found some crazy good deals on flights, a condo, and a rental car – since booking things a week out seems to bring out those last minute deals!

We spent the week relaxing and exploring, trying to find new places on the island we hadn’t been before, and revisiting some of our favorites. We’ve learned to always bring the “big” camera with us, even when it sounds like a pain to haul around. Always worth it. Enjoy these photos of beautiful Oahu!

We also made a quick video of our week! It’s at the end of the photos!

🌴PRESS PLAY for vibes🌴 (“Elevate” by St. Lucia)


2017-07-19_0009 2017-07-19_0032 2017-07-19_0020 2017-07-19_0051 2017-07-19_0066 2017-07-19_0047 2017-07-19_0048 2017-07-19_0040 2017-07-19_0035 2017-07-19_0028 2017-07-19_0022 2017-07-19_0024 2017-07-19_0016 2017-07-19_0004 2017-07-19_0018 2017-07-19_0013 2017-07-19_0015 2017-07-19_0002 2017-07-19_0005 2017-07-19_0026 2017-07-19_0044 2017-07-19_0058 2017-07-19_0064 2017-07-19_0057 2017-07-19_0055 2017-07-19_0049 2017-07-19_0030 2017-07-19_0034 2017-07-19_0019 Oahu Travel Photography 2017-07-19_0010 2017-07-19_0014 2017-07-19_0021 2017-07-19_0027 oahu photographer 2017-07-19_0065 2017-07-19_0060 2017-07-19_0054 2017-07-19_0042 2017-07-19_0062 2017-07-19_0023 2017-07-19_0007 2017-07-19_0012 2017-07-19_0003 2017-07-19_0036 2017-07-19_0017 2017-07-19_0038 2017-07-19_0039 2017-07-19_0045 2017-07-19_0059 2017-07-19_0052 2017-07-19_0053 2017-07-19_0063 2017-07-19_0046 2017-07-19_0037 2017-07-19_0008 2017-07-19_0025 2017-07-19_0001 2017-07-19_0031 2017-07-19_0050 2017-07-19_0061 2017-07-19_0029

⬆️ New hiking buddy, Jay! A local, a great guy, and a great photographer! ⬆️Oahu Travel Photography 2017-07-19_0006 oahu hawaii photographer 2017-07-19_0068 2017-07-19_0069

We love sharing our recommendations and favorite spots. Feel free to drop us a line if you want! We don’t claim to be experts but we can tell you what we loved and didn’t love so much about Oahu!

Oahu Travel Photography


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