Adrianna | Senior

We’ve had the privilege of knowing Adrianna for a few years now. She lives in Guatemala with her family, and they currently oversee Eagle’s Nest Orphanage, where we have visited now three years in a row. How lucky are we though, that the Patlans decided to stay in Lynden for Adrianna’s entire senior year of high school! It’s been pretty sweet to be able to see them around town and have them in Washington for this season of their lives! We are going back to Guatemala in January and it won’t be the same without them all there, but we’re so proud of Adrianna and it’s been so great getting to know her and everyone else! Naturally, we had to take her senior photos in her “new” environment!2016-01-04_0079 2016-01-04_0071 2016-01-04_0088 2016-01-04_0085 2016-01-04_0080 2016-01-04_0075 2016-01-04_0069 2016-01-04_0093 2016-01-04_0087 2016-01-04_0091 2016-01-04_0086 2016-01-04_0083 2016-01-04_0072 2016-01-04_0074 2016-01-04_0094 2016-01-04_0078 2016-01-04_0070 2016-01-04_0077 2016-01-04_0090 2016-01-04_0076 2016-01-04_0081 2016-01-04_0082 2016-01-04_0073 2016-01-04_0084 2016-01-04_0089 2016-01-04_0095 2016-01-04_0092


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