December 12, 2013

All the way from New Zealand, we present to you, Calum & Trista! Trista grew up around here, then found Calum in New Zealand where he lives, and long story short they got married here in Washington on her families farm. It’s a pretty cool story actually, you’ll have to ask them all about it though!

Anyway, with the hard work of friends and family, the ceremony barn AND the reception barn looked like they were straight out of a wedding magazine. You’ll see what we mean. The details upon details were endless and perfect. If we could do our wedding over again, we would probably be stealing a ton of their ideas! :) Some of the highlights included: An amazing God-centered and anticipation filled ceremony, paper planes being thrown over T&C’s heads while they exited the ceremony (since he is a pilot), getting to meet a lot of great people that came all the way from New Zealand and around the world, perfect weather (even though it called for 90% chance of rain!) and some hilarious moments on the dance floor with photo booth props.

We could blab on about this wedding forever, but we’ll let you get to the pictures! Thank you for having us Calum & Trista! We hope to come visit your neck of the woods someday!

BurnWeddingBLOG-1 BurnWeddingBLOG-2 BurnWeddingBLOG-3 BurnWeddingBLOG-4 BurnWeddingBLOG-5 BurnWeddingBLOG-6

So get this. A few months back, we visited the barn on site where the ceremony was taking place. Here is what it looked like before.


Can you EVEN BELIEVE they turned it into this? Basically a wedding dreamland.BurnWeddingBLOG-7 BurnWeddingBLOG-8 BurnWeddingBLOG-9 BurnWeddingBLOG-10 BurnWeddingBLOG-11 BurnWeddingBLOG-12 BurnWeddingBLOG-13 BurnWeddingBLOG-14 BurnWeddingBLOG-15 BurnWeddingBLOG-16 BurnWeddingBLOG-17 BurnWeddingBLOG-18 BurnWeddingBLOG-19 BurnWeddingBLOG-20 BurnWeddingBLOG-21 BurnWeddingBLOG-22 BurnWeddingBLOG-23 BurnWeddingBLOG-24 BurnWeddingBLOG-25 BurnWeddingBLOG-26 BurnWeddingBLOG-27 BurnWeddingBLOG-28 BurnWeddingBLOG-29 BurnWeddingBLOG-30 BurnWeddingBLOG-31 BurnWeddingBLOG-32 BurnWeddingBLOG-33 BurnWeddingBLOG-34 BurnWeddingBLOG-35 BurnWeddingBLOG-36 BurnWeddingBLOG-37 BurnWeddingBLOG-38 BurnWeddingBLOG-39 BurnWeddingBLOG-40 BurnWeddingBLOG-41 BurnWeddingBLOG-42 BurnWeddingBLOG-43 BurnWeddingBLOG-44 BurnWeddingBLOG-45 BurnWeddingBLOG-46 BurnWeddingBLOG-47 BurnWeddingBLOG-48 BurnWeddingBLOG-49 BurnWeddingBLOG-50 BurnWeddingBLOG-51 BurnWeddingBLOG-52 BurnWeddingBLOG-53 BurnWeddingBLOG-54 BurnWeddingBLOG-55 BurnWeddingBLOG-56 BurnWeddingBLOG-57 BurnWeddingBLOG-58 BurnWeddingBLOG-59 BurnWeddingBLOG-60 BurnWeddingBLOG-61 BurnWeddingBLOG-62 BurnWeddingBLOG-63 BurnWeddingBLOG-64 BurnWeddingBLOG-65 BurnWeddingBLOG-66 BurnWeddingBLOG-67 BurnWeddingBLOG-68 BurnWeddingBLOG-69 BurnWeddingBLOG-70 BurnWeddingBLOG-71 BurnWeddingBLOG-72 BurnWeddingBLOG-73 BurnWeddingBLOG-74

Probably the cutest flower girls we’ve ever seen….BurnWeddingBLOG-75 BurnWeddingBLOG-76 BurnWeddingBLOG-77 BurnWeddingBLOG-78 BurnWeddingBLOG-79 BurnWeddingBLOG-80 BurnWeddingBLOG-81 BurnWeddingBLOG-82 BurnWeddingBLOG-83 BurnWeddingBLOG-84 BurnWeddingBLOG-85 BurnWeddingBLOG-86 BurnWeddingBLOG-87 BurnWeddingBLOG-88 BurnWeddingBLOG-89 BurnWeddingBLOG-90 BurnWeddingBLOG-91 BurnWeddingBLOG-92 BurnWeddingBLOG-93 BurnWeddingBLOG-94 BurnWeddingBLOG-95 BurnWeddingBLOG-96 BurnWeddingBLOG-97 BurnWeddingBLOG-98 BurnWeddingBLOG-99 BurnWeddingBLOG-100 BurnWeddingBLOG-101 BurnWeddingBLOG-102 BurnWeddingBLOG-103 BurnWeddingBLOG-104 BurnWeddingBLOG-105 BurnWeddingBLOG-106 BurnWeddingBLOG-107 BurnWeddingBLOG-108 BurnWeddingBLOG-109 BurnWeddingBLOG-110 BurnWeddingBLOG-111 BurnWeddingBLOG-112 BurnWeddingBLOG-113 BurnWeddingBLOG-114 BurnWeddingBLOG-115 BurnWeddingBLOG-116 BurnWeddingBLOG-117 BurnWeddingBLOG-118 BurnWeddingBLOG-119 BurnWeddingBLOG-120 BurnWeddingBLOG-121 BurnWeddingBLOG-122 BurnWeddingBLOG-123 BurnWeddingBLOG-124 BurnWeddingBLOG-125 BurnWeddingBLOG-126 BurnWeddingBLOG-127 BurnWeddingBLOG-128 BurnWeddingBLOG-129

And here we are with the lovely couple after a long day of celebrating!!BurnWeddingBLOG-130

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